27 February 2024

Run # 600 | Rajodi Beach, Butt-ler's pad


(L to R)... They're Hashers through and through!

Let's assume that all BH3 runs were approximately 9kms. In that case, the amount we'd have walked so far could have gotten us to the following locations:
1. Europe
2. Shanti Stupa and back (with maybe some kilometers left)
3. Middle East
4. North Africa
5. Somewhere in China

Giving it no second thought though, 60 of the best of the best turned up at Rajodi Beach to celebrate the 41st anniversary of BH3 and also the 600th run! By 10am, hashers had their tummies full of Bhujing (Chicken Powwa) and the yummy ToDdy (courtesy BUtt-ler) or the stabbed can of Royal Challenge beer (stabbed by a hasher and consumed by FUBAR)
Binging on some toddy
Snacks (even the genda phool?)

Then began the distribution of t-shirts, sponsored by Mirai Assets, courtesy, Cumagain. Say what you want, he does cum around when needed and he cums in style.

So, at roughly past 10.30am, way after the scheduled run time, the hares, Wackopedia, Just Ashwin, Butt-ler, and Shivaji flagged off the run and just after 10 steps, we all halted for a photograph (the one you see above). 

The 8 km beauty of a run took the bunch, directly onto the beach for the first quarter of the run. And the walk on the beach was fantastic. We passed a bunch of surfing enthusiasts getting trained in the art. On the shore, just across the street, off the beach, was the surfing school and a cafe. The cafe immediately caught our attention. It is a lovely hangout spot to grab a coffee and watch the beach and the surfers AND, on a lucky day, you could also witness the last rites of a human being as there is a crematorium between the beach and the cafe. Yes, a crematorium right off the road (a single crematorium). After contemplating the darkness of that humor, you move along further down the beach where you'll see cars parked right on the beach and people sipping on cold beers. Why not a full moon party here, I wonder!
The serene beach walk!

Coconut Grove
After a while, the hashers were diverted off the beach where you could choose the long train and go through the Arnala village or you could choose the short trail and eventually end up in a very picturesque view of the fields; lined up with coconut trees and farming fields. The bonus was the open-air OYO set up at spots where couples were just shy of conceiving a baby. 

Walking thru the fields!

Back at the venue, things had already started getting buzzier. Buttler had arranged for some snacks and they were getting gobbled up tastefully by the lot. Conversations started getting louder and the empty beer cans started filling up the disposal bins. Typical Bollywood 90's bar songs also filled the air with a peppy mood and one couldn't ignore the sultry moves that did the rounds around. Wreckless and Gimme More took over the duties of bartenders for the afternoon. The hashers were even delighted as the first 3 beers were made complimentary for everyone. 

Pusher, who had come all the way from Hyderabad Hash along with Obelix and In Between Thais, took over the responsibilities of the RA for the day. 

L to R - Baby Dick, Fartashaty, Shivaji and Shining

Pusher expressing via the tee.

On the ice first were, Shining, and Shivaji, and Fartashaty and Baby Dick, and Bonsai; the stalwarts of Bombay Hash, the pillars who have kept the madness alive. Pusher showered them with goodies from HHH. 

While all this was happening, Cunt Ashwin had slid his arm around Just Simonah, whom he kept referring to, throughout the day as his 'Plus 1'. Pusher did not wait a second to catch them in the action and put them on the ice. While Cunt Ashwin got his balls cooling on the ice, Just Simonah was subjected to some very detailed questioning. 

Cumagain and Buttler imprinted on the ice and were cheered for bringing us the lovely t-shirts (courtesy  Mirai Assets)
Sponsors (for the tee and the venue); Cumagain and Buttler

and providing us this fantastic beach-facing venue respectively. 

Up next on the ice was Wackopediat, Cunt Sandeep and Cunt Nikita. I have no clue why they were on the ice but they were and they happily drank the yellow nectar from the unsanitized piss-pots. 

The circle was concluded with the Hash Anthem and followed by a delicious buffet lunch. 

Piping hot Gulab Jamun!

A simple affair of roti, sabzi, dal, chawal, papad and the 'too good to not have' Gulab Jamun. There was chicken? for the meat eaters too. 

The celebrations went on for a while after lunch as some stayed back to wind up while others slowly thinned away into the evening. 

On On!

10 February 2024

Run # 599 Cafe Mondegar

 What a prequel to the 600th run of Bombay Hash!

A bunch of hashers rekindled the spirit of a true Bombayite by kicking off the 1st run of 2024 at a venue that is as old as the city itself, Cafe Mondegar. 

A sense of personal space is non-existent at this venue (which makes it special), which has stood the test of time, progress, development, and even an unfortunate terror attack. 

So, on a slightly colder Sunday morning, a bunch of hashers turned up at the gate of Mondegar while a few of them were already working on their beer since 9am. We had a few visiting hashers as well who were in town and graced us with their presence. 

Hares, Just Cheryl, Bonsai, and Cumagain had put their heights together to mark a trail, worthy of the New Year.  And it was a good 8-9kms around the city which also included a walk through the famous 'Kala Ghoda Art Festival'.

The weather kept good company and the runners were back at Monde's after a well-marked trail. 
Mondegar was jam-packed when the hashers started trickling in. But, we had a spot booked for our herd and we got comfortable after much-a-do. 

Cumagain, for some reason, took it upon himself to lead the pack and started co-ordinating with the bubbly Bengali steward (maybe that's what turned him on) and sorted out our orders of beers and bites. 

A few moments later, the table was filled with towers and pitchers of beers and a scrumptious grub. It was as if, Dumbledore whisked his wand and Hogwarts got food. *drool*

We could, unfortunately, not conduct a circle here but that didn't stop the merry bunch from raising the roof with the Hash Anthem. Bonsai didn't know whether to tag along or shush us as we caught some eyeballs but then she caved and joined the party. 

What followed was an early afternoon of beers, banter, and brunch. The best way to begin hashing in 2024!

On On!

P.S. February brings 2 celebrations. It's BH3's anniversary and we also run our 600th. Don't forget to be there for this one!

February Run details:
When: 25th Feb, 9.30am onwards
Where: Rajodi Beach, Vasai (https://maps.app.goo.gl/Bw8D46hh3qo5zCZy9)
Registration: https://bit.ly/49cJeoW
NOTE: Pre-registration is compulsory. Last date to rego, is 15th Feb

09 January 2024

Run # 598 The Footsie and Frothy Bash


A bunch of hashers in a group photo during their brunch after the December run.

BH3 welcomed, running/ walking/ crawling enthusiasts, to the electrifying chronicle of Run #598 - a gathering where the pulse of the Footsie and the spirited frolic of the Frothy Bash collided in an adrenaline-fueled symphony. A bunch of us hashers laced up your shoes and prepared to embark on a narrative that encapsulated the essence of this vibrant escapade. From the rhythmic pitter-patter of feet on pavement to the effervescent celebration that followed, run 598 left an indelible mark on every participant and was the perfect close to the 2023 calendar. 

I mean just look at the talent pool in the image above. Looks like Vijay Mallya's KF calendar just came to life. 

I think I'll keep my beer mug aside and get to some serious blogging (lol).

So, since we wanted run # 598 to be a celebration of sorts, we ditched the countryside, the beer cans, and the biryani. We decided to go posh and headed to Bandra for our run, followed by brunch at 'Drifters'. 

Returning hasher Cunt Pranita decided to come back with a bang. The hottie tottie dog trainer/ groomer/ lover made a return to the group after about 10 years and immediately got to action with the haring duties alongside Menopause (finally, the bitch hared) and FUBAR. 

The trail, an 8km journey through the HNI (High Net Individuals of course) and janta so broke, they 'could not even afford free samples' of Bandra, was so impeccably marked that no one believed that FUBAR was even remotely a part of this haring expedition. 

After an orgasmic walkers high, the bunch logged into Drifters and waited for an eternity for the beers, cocktails, and food to pour in. The service, after the initial glitch was smoothened out just the way some of us felt the alcohol kept moving out from our cocktails. After a few rounds of food and "cocktails", the bunch finally calmed down with their hunger and upped their conversations. 

We also managed a no-ice circle where appropriate accolades were shared and dirty songs were sung for the deserving and undeserving equal. 

With that, the last run of 2023 came to a conclusion and the hashers parted ways with a commitment to meet each other NOT before the calendar changed years. 

FB link for pics from the run: http://bit.ly/3HdpPaO

Wishing all hashers around the world a happy and a properous and a beer guzzling and a hash running 2024. 


28 November 2023

Run # 597 From Karjat to Chembur

Thank you Wackopedia for writing this one.

comedy of terrors...

The rain gods have threatened the peaceful harmony of Bombay H3 with Mother Nature time and again and so it was another threat on 26.11.2023.. at around 0430 hours on the last Sunday of November Indra, Vajra and Vayu decided to give their "Tridev" performance...

So at the late hour (read early hours of 26.11), the mismanagement decided to move the run to Mumbai, and after 14 seconds of deliberations Chaurang Sunshine, Govandi was chosen over Greenwoods, Andheri...

At 1000 hours the faithful band of 7 active BH3 hashers set out to soak in the freshly polluted lanes of Deonar, Govandi, Chembur, and peripheries of Anushakti Nagar... rains a few hours earlier had dropped the AQI... the neo-rich Mumbaikars and their guzzling SUVs ensured that we were "comfortably" gagging again, from the ramparts of the Derasar to the backyard of BARC past the iconic RK family home in Chembur past the golf club and a minor landmark called diamond garden and finishing off walking under the shades of the eastern freeway the run ended at the parking lot of the rains forced the venue change.. Till got lost even though he was practically at the venue 🤦🏻‍♂️. The rest danced around Mumbai before reaching the venue while Shivaji the hare, hare raiser and currently operating on "one stone" made history as the only hare to have finished behind the other 6 hashers.

6 hashers lead the 1 hare through the 8.77 km of Sunday morning bliss-ters...
this happens only in India 🎶


Run # 596 Shivaji Park Gymkhana

 It is never a tricky situation for BH3. This run coincided with a very important cricket match. So, without batting an eyelid, we organized a city run from Shivaji Park Gymkhana so that we could wind up the run, and get tipsy enough to be back home on time for the wonderful clash. 

Brokeback Mountaineer and Shivaji decided to mark this one. They made a couple of attempts to make it a bit challenging, but the hashers decided against it and stuck to the road. 

The run, a superb walk around Dadar, Mahim, and Matunga took us through the streets, onto the beach, and attempted to get us to climb boulders (hashers decided to walk around). 
The run even had a lovely Vada Pav halt which was thoroughly enjoyed by the lot. 

Shivaji Park is a bustling ground with more than a million cricket matches going on at the same time. That's a perfect place to watch the chaos unfold while you sip on ice-cold beers. And that is what we did. 

Hashers discussed the possibilities of venues to go to after the Pan Asia Hash event. It was eventually decided that the infamous satellite dish antenna scene from Don 2 would be recreated; the lineup TBA. 

With that, and a few beers down our throats, we headed out of the venue to our homes for the upcoming match. 

On ON!

Run # 595 Butt-ler pad Bandra

We're always hunting for a lovely spot to run from. It could be anything, a pub, a bar, or a parking lot for that matter. As long as the venue is good enough for us to chill and sip cold beers, hashers will accommodate themselves anywhere. But that wasn't the case this time. 

A couple of months ago, we ran from Rajodi Beach, a lovely spot nestled on the outskirts of the city; all credit to Buttler. 

As if exposing us to that wasn't enough, Lenny Sampey aka Buttler took it a notch up and invited us over to his SPOT ON residence in the heart of Bandra. 

With that, on a lovely Sunday morning, hashers from across the city made their way to this standalone house in Bandra which Buttler calls home. And what a lovely day we made out of it. 

The run, hared by Buttler and Rear Entry and Wackopedia took on a walk through Bollywoody Bandra. We crossed past what a lot of our "superstars" call home. If that wasn't enough, the run became even more exciting when the hares through in a bit of the jogger's park and a lot of the bylanes, bringing out the best of Bandra with its tiny houses from the yesteryears; the real Bandra. 

The almost 9km run took us around the suburb and brought us back to chilled beers and fun conversations. Not to forget the yummy bitings that kept doing rounds, thanks to the Sampey family. 

The hares were iced and applauded for their wonderful run. 

Dr. Porn was iced as he shared his recent experience with the hash in the UK

Lenny graced the ice for being an excellent host. 

FUBAR was iced for some reason. 

Bombay Hash also announced the comeback of its Easter Weekends. A big attendance from BH3 is not signed up for Pan Asia Hash 2024 in Johor Bahru. Urging more hashers to join the fun. We also announced the 600th run of Bombay Hash which coincides with the 41st anniversary... that's a reason to celebrate again. 

With the announcements made and the icing is done, we put our beer cans on the ground, sang the hash anthem, and ate the yummy Hersche's biryani. 

With the tummy happy and full, the hashing day was concluded.


01 September 2023

Run # 594 | Huseni Farm, Karjat

 The Invisible Markings Run

Bhanpurwala Farm aka Husaini Farm never ceases to amaze and it didn't disappoint last Sunday too. With monsoons playing havoc, the whole of July and then going on a sabbatical in August, the wonderful hashing day in Karjat was only dampened by the lack of rain. 

It did, however, rain incessantly the day before; Saturday. It also happened to be the day when Bicep Bubbly and FUBAR went to mark the trail. More on that later... 

Run # 594 was a party of sorts. It started with hashers, almost 40 of them, making their way into the farm post 9 a.m. And it became apparent that it was going to be a feast later on. 

Bonsai announced the run at 10 a.m. followed by a pretty long description of the run by FUBAR, the bunch left and started on their trail. 

The Run

After a short walk on the rough road, the hashers were soon diverted into an incline, completely ditching the road for the rest of the trail. 

And what a trail it turned out to be, minus, one minor detail... the markings laid by Bicep Bubbly and FUBAR on the climb up had all but disappeared. This put the hashers off their stride as they all were stranded on a beautiful hill top, waiting for the hares to figure their shit out. 

After the tiny inital hindrance, things got back on track as the trail led the hashers throught some amazing wilderness, streams, paths, lush greenary and a picture perfect view. Flozzie, our visiting hasher from Kenya, who thought that this was a flat walk, eventually would mark this a 10/10 trail. 

Even the markings were abundant on the climb down. The excitement kept going up though, as, once down the hill, the trail diverted to a waterfall and a step stream. A bunch of us decided to spend extra time here as we soaked in the clean, cold and refreshing water for some memories. 

Post Run

While the trail was an absolute fun one, things back at the farm were also brewing up a delicable treat for the taste buds. Hashers came back to a spread which included but was not limited to:
Peanuts (or as Wacko and FUBAR say it, "our salaries")
Snacks (Pre-run Candies snacks by Osama and Bollywood Boobs)
More assorted snacks by the Bawa Gang
Assorted Bhajiyas
Chutney Sandwiches by Chediya Chutney (Romel)
Yummy Cup Cakes by Meenal Che
Barbecue: Assorted veg, Corn and assorted meats; with Mr. Husaini himself at the helm, serving them up. 
Cool cans of London Pilsner beer to wash all the yummy food down
And of course, biryani for lunch.

Not to mention, there was also a mix of AP Dillon, 80's Retro and some 'Dil le gayi teri bindiya' type tracks in the background. 



Bicep Bubbly and FUBAR drank on the ice for a wonderful trail which, apart from the marking fiasco, garnered a fabulous 10/10

Mr. Husaini, Flozzie, Cunt Llyod, and Makes Me Cum were next on the ice. They were cheered for hosting, visiting, first-timer, and 'shaam ko ghar aaya' roles respectively. 

Cunt Vishal was iced for being the first to commit to hare this run and then backing out the last minute. 

Nazia was iced for short-cutting. She did not do the waterfall, instead, took the road back. Upon hearing this, Shining screamed out lout, "What waterfall?". He was iced too.

Osama and Bollywood Boobs were iced next and the BIG SURPRISE was revealed. All those who attended this run were given Beer Mugs, courtesy this couple on the ocassion of BH3's 40th anniversary. A big round of cheers and applauds went around upon this. 

Beer mug, courtesy Bolly Boobs and Osama

Post the anthem, chit chats and beer continued and lunch was on. 

P.S. It did pour cats and dogs the moment we reached Panvel... None thoughout the run, courtesy; Dearly unloved, Wackopedia... 

On On to September.